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New Town - New Old Friends

We found a new town today. We watched it from afar and determined it was safe. I needed a new knife as our dinner last night turned out not to be as dead as we had thought and I broke my knife putting it down. And so we paid a visit to the blacksmiths, his wares were decent if not the quality I was used to from our home. We then entered the bar to get a lay of the land and the people. There we ran into a satyr and elf that look strangely familiar and we remembered them as friends but couldn't remember why. The satyr tried to use magic on me and my brother but I would not let her and it would not work on him. After some more confrontation, we determined that is not worth our time to conflict with these creatures. We determined it would be more efficient to assume that our memories have failed us and that we were friends however unbelievable that might be. Under this new assumption, we inquired of the barkeep as to the cause of the gloom that seemed to beset this town. He said that there had been monsters coming out of the woods

Part 1 - Arrival at Galefell

Of the few directions I was given by various human guides throughout my travels, I was graced with the wondrous sight of Galefell's massive exterior walls. I felt my eyes go wide with awe as I tried to comprehend the enormity of where I was about to enter. Surely this would be something worthwhile to record in my journal. My family would love to hear about other civilizations and their… stomach rumbles … oh, yes. I'll need to take care of that.

On my journey to Galefell itself, I did have the opportunity to glean some bounties from the forest, but it's proximity meant less forest and more farmland. I ate the last couple of pieces of walnut yesterday. Hopefully, nobody will mind me borrowing a few morsels. I flew over the wall and flitted between buildings, glancing momentarily at the scenes presented within. A few persons looked at me from time to time, but turned away almost unfazed or no heed required. Near mid-day, one small boy covered with grime and mud was cleaning dung from a boxy structure, I chuckled and cast a spell to clean him up along with his chores. Whhhiissshh! He leapt from his stupor and glanced around in fright. But, I'm rather sure he couldn't see me watching from the rooftops. I smiled to myself as I flew away.

My stomach ached, which made me light-headed, but I gritted my teeth and focused despite the smells protruding from nearly every window and doorway. The barrage of sweat and animal stock mixed with the sweet aroma of baking bread and other pastries. I licked my lips. I was going to need to find some food soon, but if not, I could always return to the forest.

I continued meandering above the streets and peered into a market area, with vendors hawking their wares and coins clinking on counters. A group of slightly unaware individuals trounced out of an armorer's shop. I watched bemused as the little leprechaun skips and converses with the tall human and the elf. The tall human was imposing, formal, perhaps regal in his gait, and very, odd. It caught my eye, the number of pockets on his coat. One sack wasn't quite full, but I'd known what these simple bags sometimes betrayed. Food. Who wouldn't have some on them!?

I grasped Veilseeker behind me. I felt it's power pulse and then moved close to this group. The tall one was having a conversation about compensation. The little leprechaun lost in thought, the elf silent, the other person also quiet. I reached into the pocket but then the human suddenly made an unexpected movement. I cursed myself as I brushed the interior, the only object I grasped upon examination was a thin metal coil. Absolute rubbish! I left it inside.

Abandoning my design I retreated naturally, walking amongst the giants that went about their business buying and selling. However, not 15 seconds later, I heard a voice call out at me. I could hear the raised voice of the tall man. My heart jumped, but I managed to appear unfettered, hoping they wouldn't continue. As they called again, I knew I'd been had and started flying, I darted into an alleyway, empty and blocked by a wall. I crouched in the far corner, relying on Veilseeker's magic to hide me.

As my followers came into view, blocking the exit, (albeit I could just fly up, I didn't know what the silver stick would do in the tall one's hand), they stepped forward a few steps. Trying to focus on my form. I saw them search with their eyes, failing… No. The tall one locked his gaze to my own eyes and my stomach lurched.

"Come out!"

"Don't shoot!" I call out. The silver rod was obviously a weapon of some sort and I didn't want to tempt it.

The elf spoke, "She's an ellyl."

He asked simply my purpose in picking his pocket. To which I decided would best be served as the truth. They were adverse in reception at the thought that my actions were for food, but as I explained, I felt something. My mind felt really odd as I looked over these people. They were my friends. Good friends. Friends I needed to stay with and help.

After coming to this realization, I look up at these giants and they seemed less keen on who I was as well for some reason. They exchanged a few looks. The tall one looks me over again, to which I realize I hadn't repaired my clothes. Immediately, with a small blush, I encant the spell requisite to repair them. Ffifft! I must've looked a bit run down.

The tall one speaks again, "Wait here." And he leaves back the way he had come from. The feeling of underlying friendship grew stronger. This was very disconcerting. Upon his return he unfolds a cloth that reveals a fresh loaf of delectable bread. My mouth waters and fixates on this delicious revelation. And as I reach above to perhaps grab at it, he stole it away. To which, frustrated, I cast a simple illusion of his supposed failure, and try to fake a piece into my hand.

I held it momentarily, but dropped it as soon as I realized that some offer was about to be presented. We had a small conversation, exchanged a few names and he then held a paper aloft.

"You want the bread? Sign this contract to be under my employment."

I read it quickly and squinted my eyes at the "Professor."

"I don't understand why I would necessarily need to be under your employ. I'm.. — your friend. I don't know why, but that's the feeling, the strange feeling I'm getting. However, some of these things I don't really agree with."

The leprechaun, Murph, suddenly perked up, "Do it for the money, he pays us lots of money! Oh, but wait, Professor, I get more gold if she signs it, yes?" The professor nodded. "Oh, and we believe we've all, and you too most likely, have had some sort of mind-spell cast on us."

I was now very cautious at the proposal that was being presented. Something in my life had shifted drastically. I started shaking. A mind-spell? I immediately shifted through my memories, and I quickly slipped the color spell into my hair to make sure it was really something I learned. Feeling the magic take hold, I held my head, frightened. I looked up and saw them looking at me expectantly.

"None of the fluff in this contract, I don't need gold. I don't need employment."

To this, Murph went wild with scandalous fury. Apparently, gold was life with her. I just tried to keep myself from shaking uncontrollably. To appease the woman, I asked for a coin to be presented to me. I struggled to hold it aloft in the air.

"Oh, we can hold onto it for you."

"No, please don't." I turned to the Professor and upon returning his coin he spoke again.

"Here, I have crossed everything off except for the clause that you shall keep my confidence and my secrets to your grave."

"Acceptable terms." I said as I nodded.

The paper was presented on the ground, and a pen as well, but I merely waved it away as I created one my own size.

And with that, my signature, placed in tiny scrawl on this large document, was wrapped quickly into Professor Fraus' coat. The bread was then bequeathed to my arms. Huoomgh! It was still.. a bit large.

I dug in. "You giants and your fascinating bread." It's still warm and crunchy exterior was a beautiful dream.

I devoured it hungrily, but I wasn't even relatively close to being able to eat as much as the rest of them. A whole loaf was far beyond my capabilities to eat and after the first quarter disappeared I offered it up to everyone else, keeping a few crumbs by creating with my magic, a satchel.

They led me to another shop on the other side of town, near the wall. It was through a pretty dismal area with dirt, mud, and a thorough layer of grime. The building in question was dark and the windows were hard to see through. Well, that was an easy fix. Whhhiissshh! Ah, much better. And as I peered inside, two beady eyes looked at me with fury, "Blasted fairy!"

The next moment blurred with a mixture of confusion and genuine concern. I was grabbed by the shop keep and thrown towards the wall. I caught myself with a tuft of wind on my wings, and frowned as the man angrily scooped up some mud and thrust it into the window I had just cleaned. Oh, that wasn't very nice. He also smelled awful.

I flew onto his roof and cast a spell to weaken it's integrity. It was slight, but I felt it an avid redemption of his roughness. And then, I waited. And waited. And waited some more… I traced the lines on the wall, examining it, making a small puzzle-maze game in my head with the lines of the stone. This whole magic spell business was disconcerting though, and I struggled to comprehend what was changing as I tried to busy myself.

After what seemed an eternity, Airellina, Professor Fraus, Murph, the "other one," having finished their business, started to leave. I flitted from rooftop to rooftop, holding Veilseeker's magic close at hand. We arrived at a building which had a long line of people. The Professor proclaimed to me that this was his home. Upon entering there were shelves of numerous trinkets, gizmos, and, well, things! I was instantly enraptured by the number of things and moved to go examine everything.

"Please, don't touch."

I slowed and tapped Veilseeker on one of the shelves in mild frustration. But, I did look at them! For a while. It was a long time before the line was cut off and the "home" closed.

Dinner was prepared, secrets were shared, a small contest was had, and sleep did come fitfully to me.

Part 2 - Further and Further

I woke up that morning, rested just enough. It was hard to fall asleep. I was quite anxious. As I ate breakfast with my "friends," I apologized for my lack of appreciation for the Professor's kindness. He was offering food, a warm (and safe?) place to sleep, and possibly a cure to the spell that had been cast on us. I also apologized to Murph, the leprechaun. She didn't deserve my biting words the day previous. I was a bit harsh and cruel with my lack of tact. I blame a portion of my attitude to the spell I had come to realize. Had I not been afraid of that future, what it held, or what it meant, things would've turned out differently. Well, I might be in a small prison! Just my luck. Go from one sentence to another.

"So, how long is it going to take us to get to your residence Professor?" I asked.

He responded with a smile, "Oh, we are likely to arrive late tonight, so if you need to do anything best do it right away. And when we do arrive, I need to introduce you to every single one of my guardians. No running off or anything, that'd be very dangerous."

I was slightly confused at the second part to that response, but felt no need to ask anything further of him. Although, the other human asked me what I did with my time.

"I use magic," I said excitedly, "I love making illusions and using it to make life wonderful." And I had demonstrated this earlier with a cleaning spell to clean the kitchen area. Whhhiisshh! Much easier to do it that way.

The human didn't react in the way I expected, it was almost as if a scoff could "resonate" in my mind. The reactions from the others was, less congenial than their previous conversations as well. Apparently, I was pretty useless to them. I won't let them pull me down though. I will be successful!

I went back to my shelf that I had been partial to, and began another aspect of my trial. I hadn't seen the elf use the sword she carries around, but I wasn't ready to ask these strangers for help. I summoned a Phantom of myself. Ffffissss! The smokey, dark figure stood at the ready. My enemy. It's violet eyes were writhing energy. I drew Veilseeker, and attacked.

CLANG! Cling! Shing! Clang!

It was tiresome training. My Phantom blocking every blow, unnerved, untiring. Of course, I had no idea what I was going to have to do if a real fight did come my way. I had the phantom, but I couldn't train on how to block or parry, the phantom wasn't able to effectively teach that. It was merely stopping my blade. The memory of the rage I felt with the Phantom seeped into my mind, with every blow. It was difficult to fight it and eventually my eyes filled with tears causing me to falter. The phantom hugged me softly, my mind unconsciously willing to be held. I dropped to my knees, shaking. Recompense. Recompense. The word numbed my body. Recompense. Recompense.

I focused on the candle in my mind, watching it quiver and flick at imaginary specks. I threw my emotions into it's flame, releasing them, burning them away. And I continued to train. . .

As I was thus pondering and training, Alexa (the house that is), alerted us that something was strange ahead. I looked out the window and saw bodies on the bridge ahead of us. Murph and I stayed behind while the others went to investigate. I created an illusion of myself and sent it forward with the others.

As they stood over them investigating, I saw figures climbing up the sides of the stony bridge. I called out, but they couldn't hear me. I tried to alert them with my illusion, but it was too late. I willed my illusion to distract one of the creatures, spinning "me" around it. After a loud crack! and some whizzing arrows. It was over. To my surprise, everything around them was dead. The Professor was untouched while the flying human was bloodied. I still had no clue where Airel was, until she reappeared. Apparently she was invisible! I laughed at that.

I figured that the scaley raiders were done for and that I could safely approach. I was rather surprised that some of the raider's bodies were so mangled and almost indeterminable against the blood stains that marked their death. I whispered to Murph, whom also dared venture out after the short encounter, "Does he, umm, always destroy things so… Does he obliterate enemies like this usually?" I cringed as I tried to pick an appropriate word for the massacre.

Murph bit her tongue and whispered back, "Yeah." Then she nodded before returning to the house.

That night, before we arrived at our destination, Airel was going to tell a story to Murph. She was instantly surrounded by additional willing ears as she began her tale of the Shadow creature in the forest. The horrible fate that befell the individuals that met it and the sorrow that could be felt from the survivor. Murph jumped at the story, but afterwards asked Airel if the survivor was her.

Airel blinked, turning her head slightly away before answering solemnly, "Yes. That was me. Those were my friends."

Shocked, I offered my condolences, "I'm sorry you had to share that. I feel awful."

We arrived at Professor Fraus' actual home near midnight. It was an enormous display of wealth and of magical capacity. The perfection in measurement and concise creation. The stonework was perfectly flat, the walls, the courtyard, the keep itself, everything was shaped to fulfill it's purpose.

It looked strange to me with no spontaneity. I glanced at a couple puddles that existed in the flat courtyard that gleamed in the moonlight. Where was the beauty? Where was the architecture? It felt as if the world sank into a pure thought in this place; unmarred by distraction or cause or belief. It was definitely different. It held me in awe for it's size, but nothing really seemed grand beyond that to me.

"Remember, I need to introduce you," Professor Fraus called from the front. "Don't want anyone to die unexpectedly."

He was gone for a short while before he returned, taking us out one by one to "meet" his army of automatons. Strange beings crafted with magic that had a feminine, but dangerous look to them.

After that, we retired to our rooms. I asked if the Professor had anything… Ellyl sized. He gave me a confused stare before asking if I'd rather have accommodations outside. To which I promptly declined. I didn't want to share any space with those creepy automatons.

The next morning, there was more oatmeal…

"We really need to get you some more berries in your diet," I moaned. "This can't be good for your health to have it every day." That earned a little laughter which brightened up my day.

I stayed in the dining area, and had a small-people talk with Murph. She didn't mind being small. She seemed a little keen on just focusing her efforts on attaining wealth or, in essence, being bound by her contract to the Professor. I listened to her for a while, before I had an idea. I had seen orcs before, and several other species of no-gooduns. I prepared the illusory spell, imagining it could be like… Huuwwhiiish!

"YEEEAAARRRGH!" The orcs charged Murph and I, standing in front of our 'friends.' We were big, tall and strong, cleaving and sundering our enemies. The scene transitioned between Murph smashing the face of one orc and I cutting an arm off of one. The orcs bled and died, before finally retreating from our slaughter.

I had a chuckle, I'm unsure as to her full reaction, but I thought it was good enough to get a smile at least. I didn't care that I wasn't human-sized, just felt strange being small enough to be stepped on all the time because of it.

"Being small doesn't mean we can't dream big. Sometimes, we need to be near those unlike us to recognize where we belong or where we think we should be." I spoke aloud, not really expecting any response.

Murph just nodded. Then leapt off the counter-top and went elsewhere, as my illusory scene closed and music rang throughout the keep from Airel. She sounded so beautiful.

I continued to train against my phantom. The same grueling ordeal.

We entered the Professor's mobile home again on our way to Heartfell. Apparently, the main focus wasn't on the spell! I was terrified about what it meant, this "friendship" and feeling of "need to stick together-ness." Who wanted us to be together? Why? What were we meant to do? Why don't we remember it or each other? Is there a time limit or a countdown? What if we didn't learn anything before we burst spontaneously into flame? I kept searching my thoughts, my memories; any spaces or gaps that I didn't fully comprehend or that might have some mistake in it. I came up with nothing. It was a mystery that irked me, clawed at the back of my mind and sneered at my failure to solve it. I am afraid. I am very afraid and this fear hasn't yet rooted itself in the others for some reason.

We reached the city. The house stepping down from the air upon which it strode. It was bigger than the horizon with it's towers and buildings reaching for the sky. A gigantic wall layered with defensive bastions and towers, peppered with numerous little specks patrolling it's top. Strange statues held in alcoves in various combat forms lined the wall. All of this was dominated by an impossibly large citadel in the middle of the sea of stone and glass. This was Heartfell.

I must look awful dumb with my mouth hanging open all the time.

It all passed by so fast it seemed. (We did travel quite quickly in Alexa.) But, the Citadel loomed and shadowed our passing. And upon reaching our destination we disembarked approaching various armed guards. I watched as everyone nearly fell over meeting the professor. They asked for his signature on pieces of parchment, pointed, waved, squealed, and ran away before crying to themselves with joy. I had to just roll my eyes. What was so amazing about him other than the kindness he provided to me? Did he give a lot of charitable donations? Whatever the case, it didn't make any sense to me. Nor did I care for the conversation that happened between the commoners and himself.

"Why are they all looking at you like that Professor?" I asked.

He didn't even glance down from his fans, "They love me."

I cocked an eyebrow and shook my head.

The building, library, school… or whatever it was, was frighteningly large. I didn't like it. It made me feel weak-kneed as I stepped inside seeing the vaulted ceilings covered in shades of blue, purple, and gold amongst the stonework. This place was BIG. Some guards watched over us as we relieved ourselves of our weapons and magical objects into containers with keys. There were some my size here! There must be other Ellylon in the city. I was loathe to leave Veilseeker away from myself, my key home. I nearly waited outside. But, everyone seemed so calm about what they were doing that I consented to having it leave my side.

There was another conversation with an older frail looking man. He greeted us as the Professor immediately engaged with him, handing over a letter and then cashing in on some favor that he was owed. To which, we'd have access to a library. I sighed and looked out the window.

After the library, where are we going next?

Part 3 - The Curse Lashes Out

And… The library. To no surprise, there was little else to do while in this place. After the conversation with the gentleman about favors, I retreated from my illusory imagination of the window and wandered off. The darkened interior of the musty books pressed in on my nostrils, reminding me of my days with Yuskera. Tome after tome, I sought without much purpose about illusions. I didn't learn anything, except for the fact that nothing I hadn't already known was in these books. Anything of difference was likely to be held in secret grimoires from the mages writing these unfortunately.

Upon returning to the Professor's home, I practiced with Veilseeker yet again. The routine was aching my muscles, but I felt that it was important for me to continue. I opened the window to the night air and created a leafy hammock to rest in. My mind quickly embracing the need to rest.

The next morning, the Professor received a letter to assist in retrieving a very powerful powerstone. It was currently in the possession of a Professor Zilken who taught Fire Magic. Previous requests were simply denied. I understood it as perhaps this man was a bit greedy, hogging the stone for himself when his fellows needed it as well. I didn't feel like I needed to go, it wouldn't be an efficient use of my time. Until, Murph. . .

She called out, "Oh, that's okay, you're just not good enough for this," nonchalant as she exited with Dratharz, Airelinna, and P. Fraus.

My face burned. Thankfully, I was facing away. I hated that feeling, the helplessness. Most of Illandia was of cultures and people larger and more disdainful than my own. How was I going to learn to be a leader out here? I hung my head, focused on the candle in my mind, and dissolved my emotions.

Well, I wasn't going to learn anything by being alone. And, with that in mind, I followed them from above, keeping a distance. The rooftops providing good cover with chimneys, banners, smoke, and other obstacles. At one point they quickened their step. I looked around, but nobody seemed to be watching them. The Professor ducked into an alley, and that's when I finally heard it. Faint in the din of the market district, but it came clearer now, "Professor! Professor Grimwald" It called continually. "Dratharz!" I caught up to the alleyway and peered in from above. Remaining hidden to the best of my knowledge. P. Fraus' eyes flashed as a man, worn from travel and out of breath, came into view.

"Professor, I found you at last!" the man cried out. As he started to step forward, a silver bolt split open his torso, blood seeping from the wound. My mind sped up, adrenaline rushing through my body. I flew down as fast as I could, landing hard on the cobble behind the stranger, casting a strong illusion of a large hill to hide us. "You need to run!" I heard from behind me. I glance for a moment, seeing them gather around. I held my illusion, but because of it's strength it was draining me quickly.

"Professor, if you can do anything, now would be the time," I say through gritted teeth.

"The bolt was poisoned," came a wearied response, "He's gone."

I look around again, trying to determine who or what killed this man, but nothing seemed out of place except for two guards who approached with their hands on their weapons.

"What's going on here?" One of them demands.

The other, younger human male, "Did you just kill this man!?"

The Professor stands up as I drop my illusion, my hand was going numb holding Veilseeker so tightly. "No. My name is Prof. Fraus. He was shot by this bolt. We don't know who killed him." My eyes dart around, trying to discover any information to the murderer at all.

The guards allowed us to take the body to a mage to remove the poison, after being convinced with a truth potion that everything being stated was correct and true. I took the opportunity to ask P. Fraus if I could rest on his shoulder while we made our way there. He sighed, but relented.

Upon arrival to the other mage's shop, and with some coin, the poison was removed. The bolt was also removed from the body and when done so, it vanished. This was beyond my understanding, the amount of power expended to kill this man. P. Fraus, hesitated, catching his breath, then rubbed some golden liquid on the stranger's lips.

A moment passed, but whatever alchemical solution he applied appeared to have not taken any effect. The mages in the room immediately tried to identify it, but their spell upon casting was rebuked and they were thrust across the room into the shopkeeper's counter, where small vials shattered and books scattered like birds. I thanked the mage who removed the poison and followed everyone to where he had pointed for the nearest temple of Saerenrae.

However, as I flew nearby, the stranger's body began to disintegrate, and his form became slack and blew away in the slight breeze. The mage and the guard, my companions, and myself, were shocked. I had no words for how flawless this murder could have been. However, we still had the clothes of the victim, and we could still use a seeker's abilities to locate the murderer.

We were directed to see Seeker Valen. Who, when I first saw him, wasn't really the kind of man I would imagine to be of much renown. He was a very old elf, fragile-looking, with gray-white streaks across his dark brown hair and plenty of wrinkles. He brought us into his workspace and began his ritual on the stranger's clothes. I faced the crystalline sphere in the center of the ritual area. The interior swirled with arcane energy and cloudy smoke. It opened up a vision of a well-dressed individual, hooded, walking in the dockyard. The figure stopped, and slowly turned to face our vision. I saw his eyes glow, an elvish curvature to the face, green tinges of power. The crystal cracked and shattered. The murderer unable to be seen by us. I blinked, the image in my mind, it seemed so familiar. Where could it have come from? The glowing eyes, seemed almost… Sylvan by nature. Could he have been a Fey Elf?

Seeker Valen's nose was bleeding, his brow sweating.

Someone started to ask, "Where is—-" 

"SHUSH!" which, was so quick and forceful, everyone became silent.

As the ritual finished, he gasped, "Whoever that was, he's escaped into the Feywild." My thoughts were confirmed, there was definitely something Fey to those eyes. "And I'm going to escape town."

Outside, I asked Airelinna, "You wouldn't happen to know much about Fey Elves would you?"

She pondered for a moment, "No, sorry, I don't really know anything about them."

"I really think that he was a Fey Elf, by the glow of his eyes, I'm certain of it. And it further confirms it when Seeker Valen said he escaped to the Feywild."

"If he is a Fey Elf, we need to do more research."

The Professor piped up, "However, there isn't anything left we can do. I did everything I could to get what little we gleaned from this event."

I nodded, remaining silent for the remainder of our travel to the original destination, Professor Zilken's classroom.

But, as I suspected, my fears were confirmed. This spell cast on us was indeed dangerous. It's purpose still unknown, but narrowed. Could it have been an elaborate experiment? One wherein we were to have as little knowledge as possible about it. I felt largely unprepared for the caliber of danger I just experienced. My only hope was that the others would take this sign to heart. I planned on speaking with them about it. However, the Professor was right, there was nothing that we could do just now. We had no way of identifying the man completely. No signs, symbols, or emblems. Just my burning image of his eyes. Those cold, green-glowing eyes.

Just before noon, we arrived at the lecture hall, P. Zilken's aide answered the door. Apparently, he wasn't scheduled for any lessons today. He told us that his master was quite stubborn with all the previous attempts to reacquire the powerstone and refused vehemently. We asked for his address, which was in the nearby residential district. Loudly knocking on the door, it swung from the force. The lock was broken. A rotten scent entered my nose as the door opened. I wanted to purify the air, but Dratharz said to hold off. Things were starting to add up, and yet another murder in the same day appeared to have crossed our path. I assisted in calling for the guard with a magical "HELP!" sign in the air. Two guards approached. With a simple explanation, they entered the home weapons drawn. They returned after a few minutes.

"It's not pretty in there, but you're welcome to look around for that powerstone."

On the second floor, stabbed repeatedly, with blood pooled, spread generously, and caked into the floor and nearby wall, was P. Zilken. I put my hand to my mouth and stifle a gag. The room was already previously upturned, every drawer emptied. I floated near the door as everyone started to search the room. One guard watched as my companions did so. To my surprise, Dratharz smacked his staff into the floor and then pointed at the bed's headboard. Once removed, an illusionary wall blocked the view to the large powerstone. We returned the stone to the appropriate authorities and alerted them to Zilken's demise, with evidence of the Thieves' Guild of Iladren being involved.

With so much that happened in the day already, we set off to get some lunch. I would have nibbled on some pie from a window, but the Professor enlisted Murph in locating a good establishment. She returned gleefully and directed us to The Dancing Boars. It was pretty expensive, and the leprechaun at the front, who sat on a tall stool to greet big people, gave me a double-take for entry. My fee being waived due to how little I could actually consume. I thanked her for her kindness as I passed.

The food was delicious and Murph gobbled down so much food, it felt slightly sickening. The food was so delicious in fact, P. Fraus decided to open a business deal with the restaurant. I left because that disinterested me entirely, alerting everyone that I was going to the library to attempt some research. But, when I arrived, I was turned away at the door! I was not aware that I couldn't enter without the Professor being present. My fists clenched as I cursed the sky, "Nobody told me that!" I made a mental note to get more permanent access if possible. I sat on the stonework for a while, pouting, thinking about how else to spend the rest of the day. Shaking my head, I returned to the house. My window was closed and I was unable to ascertain how I'd get inside. I spent the next five minutes trying to wave down an automaton before being able to practice some swordplay with my illusion in the relative safety of the wards.

As I did, my thoughts turned to the events that happened so far. Two murders in a morning. The green-glowing eyes of the Fey Elf, and power he held. What was that stranger looking for us for? What did he mean to tell us? How did he know Dratharz? Dratharz had said that nobody should know him except for us. I certainly didn't! The Professor had other names no doubt, but the stranger called them out. I willed my Phantom to pause as I wiped my brow and took a drink of water.

It was all so strange, and too complete for the spell to have not had any connection. Somehow, we were all together, our memories were modified, and we were being watched. 

One thing was for sure. 

We needed to find out why. . .

Dratharz's Log: The Wild City

After we set up an appointment to enable us to have another attempt at removing this curse from us, all the things happened. We were going to the fetch the power stone that they requested we retrieve from the Professor of Fire Magics,  when Professor Fraus disappeared in an alley and told us to follow. Shortly after, an elven man came shouting for the Professor, the elven girl, and to my surprise  he was calling my name as well. None of us recognized him, and we didn't have much time to talk before a poisned bolt made of black metal pierced through his chest. Despite our endeavors we were not able to save him. When the Professor extracted the bolt from his chest to examine it further, it simply vanished before we could get a read on it. To make the matter even more strange, even after we removed the poison from his body, it still had a magical effect to it as his body simply turned to ash as we went to a clerical institute in attempts to have a more potent resurrection spell in hopes to learn what he wanted to tell us. The Professor and his quick wits determined that the killer was still somewhere in the city, and asked for the nearest seer, to see if we could find whoever did this. 

It seemed that whoever did this wanted just that elf to be silenced before he reached us. As we were fine traveling through the city with no harm done to us. When we got to the seer, and the currencies exchanged, he performed a ritual that began searching throughout the city to find the killer. Luck was on our side, as the image in the crystal ball clarified to an elvish looking man, with green eyes. That was all we saw before the ball shattered, the seer began bleeding from his nose, as he was seeing where he was going. Through his magic, he was able to determine that he entered the Fey Wild, a plane I've heard little about, and that was all the seer could tell us. 

We decided that we would find him later, and focus on getting this curse eradicated from all of our minds. So we decided to go and find Professor Zilken. His assistant at the college told us that he hasn't been in today, and gave us his address. When we went to his abode, we knocked, and the door simply opened with a foul smell emanating from it.  We called the guard, and had them investigate, we told them our business, and they allowed us to have a look around. Professor Zilken was stabbed several times, and had his throat slit. Our Professor had a potion that revitalized him for a moment, and he told us that the Guild of Iladrin, had killed him. The more important matter, was finding the powerstone. We should have asked him where it was, but with some looking around, I was able to find it with ease. There must have been some sort of illusory wall in front of it, because the Professor pulled out this needle, and poked just before the stone.  It was difficult to resist the temptation of keeping it as it was the most powerful stone I've ever come in contact with. But we needed to get this wretched curse off of us to know who, why, even when it was put on us. We returned to the counsel and gave them the powerstone, and now we wait while they set up for the rituals that they are going to perform on us. 


I stood from my desk casting aside the latest report, annoyance once again fueling my strides as I stalked across the room to Illum. Still there was no conclusive evidence of Fraus' band, of either their location or that they were still in fact alive. Although the Professors business was still very much so alive and well, but he had made provisions for it to continue past his demise of that there could be no doubt so even that evidence wasn't very strong. Every day my agents search the realms, from the material plane to the fire and earth, from the Hell's to the Abyss. Although admittedly my agent in most of those planes are few indeed, you would think by now I would have made contact with at least one of them. Sightings were not uncommon of course, just yesterday morning Fraus was seen in both Garnok and Valtier, Hondor over in Galefell, Jaron in Melthon, Airelinniel in Natiira and Riss-N'hal-Kahves journeying in the mountains with his brother. Then several days ago Fraus, Airelinniel, Illedrena, Murph, and Dratharz were seen together loading up and heading north. Yet in every single instance they have vanished before my agents could arrive.

Upon reaching Illum I placed my hands on either side of the large crystal and focused individually on each of the remaining 13. Normally Illum could find anyone anywhere but as usual it was having difficulty with these. Before long I simply allowed my consciousness to sweep across the planes looking for them, one day whatever magic that is keeping them from my gaze will break, or falter, long enough for me to find them…

Part 4 - A Memory

As I and my current peers trained tirelessly, I thought often to myself of why we had this feeling to stay together. I didn't understand it completely, but, as for what happened to that poor elf that tried to talk to us, I'm glad we did. I saw nothing in the library, (when I decided to actually peruse the larger tomes), and felt it best to accommodate myself with Veilseeker. It was much more boorish than what I saw the Defenders do back home in Natiira. Taelien was always showing of his swordsmanship. I'll have to find someone to teach me if I hope to fend off this Fey-elf one day.

It occurred to me, what I was doing wasn't surviving anymore. I had, "friends." I was working toward a goal. I was learning things. I was… well, being quite abnormal from most Ellyl I knew; besides my brother of course. Even my training was abnormal; fighting an illusion of myself, or selves. You wouldn't believe the look I got from Murph when she beheld an aerial battle with about twelve "me's" attacking each other. It was priceless! As was the dishwares, I guess that's what Professor Fraus loves to buy other than automaton armies.

Research bought little fruit about the Fey-elf or the Feywild, but they did look for some new methods in attaining an upper hand against a specific creature that could be the possible cure against our forgetfulness. Of course, during most of this time, I was busying myself with my training. But, the Professor did alert me to what it would be that we'd have to succeed over. A magic-immune Hydra within a desolate wasteland.

Oh, is that all?

In any case, we returned to the mages who promised us an attempt to dispel the magic upon us. Murph leapt forward onto the circle prepared. Eager to have her memories returned. I was hopeful, this might be the day we learn what happened to us.

After an hour of ritual, the spell was cast and Murph's eyes rolled a little as a wave of understanding hit her.

"Woah! Guys, we really were together before now. We did things together!" she said with elation, "And there were more of us too, hmm. Oh, and we were all good friends too!" But, her enthusiasm died as soon as whatever permanence of spell cast took hold once more. Our hearts lurched as we realized the spell was too strong to be purged.

I myself sat on the utterly oversized chair and heard them chant for another hour. I felt the magic wash over me, tingling and brushing away at the spell that held my memories locked under it's grip. But, just as the webs were being swept away, new one's formed and I desperately tried to grab the past. They slipped past my grasp like sand in one's hand.

One by one, we all had the same experience. But, even when success was reached, the spell returned and with steel bars did it cage our minds.

I thanked the mages for their help, and congratulated them for the minor success that they helped us to achieved. Their service was not in vain in my eyes. We gained plenty of knowledge about the power that was utilized against us, and the power we would need in defeating it. "Our gratitude is full, thank you!"

Later, as we were about to set off towards our next destination. The Professor took us to his contact, Taevor, who was a broker for magical means and uses. And whilst conversing about the means to make some medallions, P. Fraus suddenly realized how long he had known Taevor. And we knew Taevor? According to him, he was aware that we were part of some adventuring league.

"I can't seem to remember the name of it though. I remember there were more of you than there is here. You ordered some medallions about six months ago. You said they were for your companions."

The Professor was mildly surprised, "How long ago did I say I made this group?"

Taevor thought for a moment, "About a year now, I'd say."

I fell from the air to my knees next to Murph, my eyes welling up in tears at the realization. The dots started to connect in my mind. More questions were created, few, but important answers revealed. "A whole year? A whole year gone? My family…"

Murph looked at me with concern and quietly asked, "A year is a long time. Did you have any siblings?"

I wiped at my eyes, "Yes, a brother and three sisters. My brother was the oldest."

"Was?" said Murph.

I nodded, with a sniffle, "He's dead." I turned my head away, catching a gasp in my throat, "I missed the anniversary. A whole year gone from my mem'ry and cursed to live my life with that regret to bear."

Murph said nothing afterwards, but her face looked honestly concerned for me as we left; after finding that Taevor knew little more of who we were. But, this encounter gave us clues to what we could do to seek out more answers more quickly.

We could find our memories in the lives of others. . .

Part 5 - Professor's Past

The week went by at a crawl. I felt I was improving at a steady pace. My muscles felt stronger, but the soreness didn't go away in the least. And this week, after breakfast was made, I hid in one of the jars on a shelf. Everyone else didn't seem to notice me. Except for the Professor, his eye seemed to always catch me. It was difficult to discern just how he could see my teeny head in the dark, but I suspect there was more to it. What that could be I had no idea.

In some downtime, I would think about the next steps we would take in discovering our past. Would we continue to do research in books, or would we go and defeat this vicious hydra? I thought about why I would join a group of adventurers. What made me part of them? Why? I thought about home… Too much. I couldn't distract myself too much. I would return soon, I was sure of it.

Towards the end of the week, the Satyr received a gag-sword. I would've thought that it was a bit much to make a flimsy, oddly shaped, and colorful piece for equipment "just for a laugh." I felt grim, thinking of someone laughing as they died. I didn't like it. It was nefarious and sadist, dishonorable as well to make such an object to force people to do so. It made me wonder what the Satyr was truly like. She acted like a goofy woman with the power to prank, but the choice of gags were of questionable nature.

Later on, we were running an errand. The Professor spotted someone he recognized. Someone he said he recognized from his past that wasn't good. I made sure the rest of us hung back and safely followed the Professor. The target brought us to a tavern, and he sat at a table with some of his acquaintances. 

"Illedrena," whispered P. Fraus.

I perked up as we came closer. "Yes, Professor?"

"Could you go and listen in on their conversation, please?"

"Gladly." Excited, I grasp onto Veilseeker and grin as I became one with the shadows. I followed behind someone's leg as they entered the tavern and flitted behind some chair legs, making my way to the table. Once there, I acted nonchalant and unconcerned. The men were talking in code; the words meant little to me, but I derived that these men had a package somewhere that needed to be delivered somewhere safe.

I stayed under the chair, avoiding sight as the men got up and left one after the other. They were acting quite odd. The meeting was clandestine in nature. I hadn't experienced this before, but my father's stories were relatable. After they had each left, I popped out from my hiding place and flew out the door.

I didn't see anyone, but hoping not to panic I picked the direction opposite our approach and flew quick. I caught sight of everyone moving along the roadway, but the Professor wasn't among them. He must've been farther ahead, so I sped up above the houses near the Residential District. I nearly passed him up as I looked down the alleyways between the buildings. He had one of the men in question in his grasp as I flew down.

P. Fraus wiped the blood off his stiletto, "Illedrena, a wall if you please."

Confused, but aware of the circumstance surrounding the situation. I created an image of the wall being seamless between the distance of the alleyway that my companions had just come from.

Murph was aghast. "Professor! What did you just do?! Did you just murder him?"

The response held no emotion, "No, not murder, we are going to question him."

"Not here, I think that'd be best left in safer quarters," I said.

"Exactly," the Professor noted.

Murph must've still been in a daze as she clearly didn't listen to any of the remarks. Airelinna had made the body invisible before she realized what was happening.

Once we made it back to the house, I chained him up with a couple spells and bound the knot to a password of my choice. I planned on further protections, specifically against magic. However, the question we were all wondering. Who was he? And what relation, (besides "bad past") did he have to Professor Grimwald Fraus?

Unforeseen Events in Heartfell

I was able to create my first sleep potion, it was a tricky one, but i was able to do it with the aid of the professor. The satyr, Euphrecene, seemed to be a bit more lively today, and had some adventures with Murph. I'm sure they were up to their usual chaotic selves, especially in this vast city. Our powerstones were finished, and picked them up from the Professors, erm, associate.  My memory alludes me once again, but we were walking through the city, when the Professor, once again, started to act weird, and started following a man. After a while, he entered a bar, and sat down with some others. I stayed by the professor and "read" in, on the Falcon's conversation. They know that the Professor is in the city, and they are also going to be getting some weapons at Drawtheir, and taking it to a safe place they call the "well".  After their conversation, we followed a man out…. the Professor followed a man out, and took him out in an alley, with one of the sleeping drafts he cooked up while I was making mine.  We were heading to the Professors house, with the sleeping man, invisible, floating through the streets, in the middle of the night. I'm feeling quite weary, as my attempts to stave off my hunger have been successful, but now… I don't think I can keep it down much longer. Perhaps I should talk to the Professor about it, and/or get the help from Murph and her connections in the city to help me get what I need. 


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