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Part 8 - The Dragon's Peak Pass

We made our way to Tier City, the professor needed to pick up some supplies and to send some post with a courier service. As we approached, my eyes were dazzled with ancient dwarven architecture that rose up and up upon many different levels. The city looked old, carved intricately and as tightly packed as possible. The streets were compact and the buildings sat next to each other with seemingly no extra space.

Leaving Alexa, (the house dearies), outside the main gate, we entered the city, keeping close to the Professor. I smelled baking bread, flowers, and … sniff something I'd never smelled in a city before. It wasn't a bad smell, so it couldn't have been refuse. Doubtless that the city had such in it at times I could assume.

Before I could investigate the smell, I caught up with the group and we found ourselves at a courier service building. Bags of letters, supplies, and crates loaded onto wagons were nearby the establishment. A team of oxen moaned their displeasure as they were led away by the driver. The Professor and others entered, while I waited outside, examining the unique style of craftsmanship that went into the city. The people that passed by seemed entranced by their business and only a few gave chance to wave at me as I waited amongst the bags, couriers, and crates.

The others returned shortly, until the Professor grimaced and said aloud, "Agh. I forgot that too!"

I merely raised my left eyebrow. Whatever he had forgotten, he'd been complaining about his "forgetfulness" all morning. I would ask him before we entered the pass, just in case it'd be something I could assist with.

While on our way back, I caught that smell again. I investigated, blending into my surroundings; being that of a market, with stalls and vendors hawking their wares while yelling out for buyers. It wasn't particularly busy, but the streets were bustling enough. I followed the scent to… Mushrooms? They were odd. I didn't know where they'd come from. I shimmied up the side of one man who was picking at them, touched one, and duplicated a mushroom with a wave of my hand. I wasn't stealing, but my casual attempts at being unseen were likely to cause suspicion regardless.

So, I carried this duplicate around. Sniffing it, trying to remember or glean some information regarding it's origin and type. I couldn't get anything from it. But, I decided to do a little experiment upon our return to Alexa outside the gates.

We started to leave and made our way past the guards posted at the gate only to hear the professor exclaim that he forgot something again, whereupon we straitway turned about and entered the city again. The guards chuckling with some sidelong looks that seemed to say, "Now how many times have I seen that?" The Professor purchased some supplies to restock the house's larder.

Back in the house, I started with Airelinna, who sniffed at the air, but gave no other reaction. Murph was completely unaware of my presence or that of the fungus. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't particularly pungent, so it was understandable that she was unfazed. But, Dratharz surprised me. He turned himself about and spotted me without so much as a harried search.

His eyes flared, "Where did you get that? Did you steal it?"

His reaction astonished me, I was so taken aback that I cocked my head and thought of how to actually respond to such an accusation. But, just as I was about to make a statement, he bent his staff down in a menacing manner and lit my duplicated fungus on fire!

"Gah!" I yelped, releasing the mushroom which vanished into a puff of still trailing smoke as the fire dissipated. "Come now, I didn't steal anything! I merely duplicated it with magic." I eyed him with a stern scowl, still put off that he did such a childish thing. However…

"Why did you do it?" I pressed. "Moreover, why did you need to burn it?"

Dratharz hesitated, "It's a mushroom. Whatever."

"Nobody else responded so… acutely."

Dratharz then continued to defend his actions while simultaneously convincing me that it was merely a mushroom and that it didn't matter. I believe him. It was just a mushroom. But, something still tickled the back of my mind that the reaction was still something beyond normal.

I sought out the Professor as we approached the mountains, and found him in his workshop working calmly, "Professor, you've been exclaiming all day now that you've forgotten something. What did you forget?"

P. Fraus, sighs and looks down at me, "I wish I remembered to bring one of my Destruction Spheres."

I look back on the spinning doom spheres that he had stationed atop every tower on his fortress' walls. I cast a spell that made the large "machine-thing" appear in his workshop as a mere illusion. "What if it was here?"

He shook his head, "Not everybody nor everything knows it to be dangerous. We'll just have to make do without it."

My shoulders drooped, and that feeling of uselessness returned.

I sat in the kitchen, holding a wooden spoon semi-defiantly as Murph and Airelinna performed their separate skills together. Airelinna sang light, airy tunes, while Murph squatted, leaped and bounced in dance. I couldn't hold it in, and laughed at how ridiculous and wonderful it was at the same time.

That was when we had our first scare. When a enormous roar sounded just behind the house. We didn't find the creature, but ahead, we saw a green dragon flying.

That night, as I took my turn for watch, I watched and listened for anything that might attack us. But, much to my embarrassment, I ended up being frightened by Alexa's inner workings. The rumbling sounds of metal banging below giving me the pale death. I realized, after alerting the Professor, that it was just that.

The next morning, we stopped. Large boulders were in the path.

"Illedrena," P. Fraus called, "Come look at this."

I acknowledged, "What's wrong?"

"Could you go and touch those? I mean not you, but, you as in not you?"

I was confused.

"Have an illusion touch it."

"Ohhh, yes. I… By the light of Melora!"

The air filled with growls and thuds, trees being brushed aside and cracks of stone and bark. A mountain giant clan was attacking us! Their massive bodies wielding trees and other large makeshift weapons. One, that I could see anyway, had a massive boulder that it hefted on it's shoulder, another in it's hand.

"Alexa, take us up," called out the Professor to his home's system as he reached out the window to shoot at one of the giants.

The giants attacked the house, their blows resonating against the metallic legs below.

I created my phantom instantly. My mind's image being crafted from a splice in the air. The wraith, opaque black with gleaming purple eyes covered by a deep cowl, hovering above the ground with tattered black cloak. The tendrils of it's arm's ended with sharp and menacing claws in place of fingers. I sent it out to deal with them. My mind also focusing on an illusion for the next moment.

My phantom went up to the face of the giants in front of the house. It lunged forward, digging those menacing claws straight into it's face, red blood spurted from the wound. Then it ripped outward, completely sundering the giant's gray matter from it's skull, the white bone cloven from the magical creation. The flesh giving way before my magical destroyer.

A flock of "me" I sent to distract one of the giants. But the battle ended as soon as it had started.

The ground below had erupted into a disjointed wall of crackling energy. Burnt flesh reached my nose as the giants squealed in pain and ran for their lives, leaderless. I felt the rage inside me simmer. My phantom chased down one the giants, only to be outrun. I had it return, where it "bumped" against some force and was unable to return to me. It "bumped" again before it was left behind from the speed of the house. I let it vanish.

We continued on the path a little ways, but stopped to examine the damage. The Professor was near to shedding tears as he looked at the legs and puckered his lips in sad contemplation about how much it hurt to see his creation harmed. I felt for him, a little. So, I attempted to repair them with magic. Some pieces were missing so I couldn't replace those, but every face of metal plate was fixed. It seemed to shine and blaze with a newly cast sheen!

I floated away soon after, leaving the Professor to examine the aftermath of my work.

We passed Dragon's peak… And the green dragon that lived there. There was no doubt in my mind that the dragon saw us as much as I saw it. It merely tossed it's head back and forth, watching the pass.

And we arrived in Zithon, the lands across the great divide. . .

Part 7 - The Weapon

An Ellyl, lost in the world of giants.

Far be it from me to not see a catastrophe in this desolate landscape the Professor constructed. I looked out beyond the cliff, where the waterfall flowed. My eyes strained from the sun's intensity. The forest lay below, the beautiful sight only four hundred, perhaps five hundred yards away. I longed to be amongst anything green, alive, and growing. The Professor's herb pots were… How should I say?


He thought it a whole garden. However, I shook my head, shaking the mild frustration loose from my mind. I planned on beautifying this place. Indeed, I knew nothing about plant magic, but I lived inside a tree for close to thirty-four of my thirty-six winters. Certainly I could get at least some grass to grow before I went mad from the dull stone gray that threatened to overwhelm me.

I dared not leave the compound for fear of the "monsters" that Airelinna had expounded upon before. The Professor was sure that his defenses would keep most, if not all, nearby creatures at bay. The strange spheres atop their towers whirred on occasion, their oscillating oculus orbit betraying an ominous doom.

I let out a sigh and bent the water around me as I flew down into the depth of the river. The sphere of fluid listening to my occasional whispered thoughts. "Who is Illedrena Avalor?" I would say. "Why is she here?" "What is she meant to do?" All my internalizing accomplished was a sense of hopelessness, loneliness, and fear. My tears added themselves to the river's floor, soon to be washed away with the current when I left.

The week passed much the same, until a large stone "block" or wall, was erected by Dratharz. A huge contraption, walking on legs with a platform carrying an enormous metal hollowed tube. Upon my inquiry, it was relayed as a "Steam Cannon," which would be our weapon to kill the Hydra without needlessly endangering ourselves.

Holes were set into the stone wall beyond, so I determined to at least do something fanciful this week and made illusory targets over these divots. I created red dots, a bit easier to see from such a great distance.


The noise was horrendous! My ears ached, and the dastard contraption had steam billowing from it. The earth had shook tremendously from the explosion of energy. The projectile had hit one of my red dots, which shattered and then fireworks expanded around it to signify the scoring.

The stone was cracked, deep and concaved a great deal. It was near ready to fall apart at the edge, which is where it was struck.

With the test successful, and with most everything else in order. We set off to kill the beast. . .

The Queen's Judgement

Illedrena threw herself onto her bed, tears still flowing from yesterday’s woes. Her husband-to-be, Fedwain, clutching the arms and snogging the other woman. She didn’t even bother to learn the name of the one he betrayed her to. She didn’t recognize her, but what she discovered was ill enough in her mind. She vividly remembered the rage she felt as she saw them. She had summoned a phantom. A black, smoky version of herself and flung all her energy at Fedwain’s pitiful life. The phantom clawed and pummeled Fedwain, crushing his supposed might into a weak and cowering individual, blood spilling from his mouth as she pulled back and released her spell. She left him in that state, with his life and his lover. The other woman’s eyes in shock, aghast at what just transpired.

Illedrena’s eyes slowly, fitfully gave way to restless sleep. Her mind plagued with that image. She woke several times with cold shivers climbing up her spine, a nameless fear becoming an entity in her emotional turmoil.

Now, here she stood, in the Capitol. The Queen’s audience room before her. The two guards standing at attention with their leafy armor of velvet red and gold wielding long jade spears and hardened shields. To her right was Fedwain Elmeri. He was dressed in traditional Betrayer’s robes. He was despised by the people for the breaking of his vow that he made to his family and the Avalor family he promised himself to. Illedrena was not bound, but she was hoping to avoid that fate.

The guards held their spears across the ornate doorway for a moment as the Ellyl that led them saluted. His fist tapping the center of his chest before he stood firmly. The guards removed their spears and opened the doors revealing the chamber ahead. The intricate twisting of the Twilight Oak in this chamber was so grand and complex that Illedrena was dizzied by it’s form. The gems and golden craftsmanship embedded in the ceiling was too numerous to ascertain in this moment. It caused the various lights to shimmer and dazzle in the entire chamber. She gazed forward and saw Her Majesty, Queen Ambrosia the XXXXV on her throne. Crystals jutting into the air from the throne with shimmering topaz and gold. Silver and diamond shards dug roots into the Twilight Oak. There sat the Queen, bearing porcelain skin and piercing bright blue eyes. Shimmering crystals adorned her brown hair that was straight, with the bangs curled. The majestic blue and red robe contrasted by her silvery-white wings. She was surrounded by various members of court whom she saw peering at Fedwain and herself, murmuring.
The queen held up her hand and their guard stopped, stepping back and off to the side. Illedrena fell to her knees, bowing before her majesty.

“Step forward, Fedwain Elmeri,” called the Queen. Her careful voice was gentle, but firm. Her many years of leading the Ellyllon behind it. Fedwain did as he was told, stepping forward slightly, his footsteps sending fits of anger through Illedrena.

“Fedwain Elmeri of the Ellylon. You have been charged with oathbreaking, vile deceits, and nigh alduterousness. The highest crime being that you were forsworn to a union by your acceptance of your parent’s and your forsworn’s parents’ proposal. These charges being found evident by testimony of yourself and others.” The queen paused before approaching, her eyes blazing. She held her hand outstretched and continued, “You are guilty of these crimes and in accordance with the ancient traditions, with considerations by myself, you are to be branded an exile for a period of five years.” The queen’s hand glowed and yellow light started to stream from it toward Fedwain. “To this crime you are stripped of rank,” the light touched him and markings started to crawl onto his face. “To this you are rejected of the people.” Fedwain grunted, unable to scream as the magic silenced him while it burned his flesh. “You are to remain as Fedwain, alone, and scattered to the winds for five years.” Fedwain’s teeth gritted the lips drawn back painfully. The magic finished and the Queen released her hold over him, to which, he fell and sobbed nigh uncontrollably.

“Remove him,” the queen waved her hand at him in disgust.

Illedrena kept herself on her knees and caught in her vision Fedwain dragged away from the guards in the room. Yet, no guards remained in her immediate vicinity.

“Please stand, Illedrena Avalor of Natiira,” came the slightly shivering voice of the Queen.
She stood and bowed her head to her majesty who came and lifted her head, cupping her cheeks with her hands. “Daughter, your crime is severe indeed. Please, for my sake, could you recount the details to me personally?” She turned and sat upon her throne, visibly leaning on it for support.

Illedrena cleared her throat, before standing straight and then speaking with a slight fluster, “I was engaged to Fedwain in my youth, and understanding the old traditions of our people, I investigated the proposal. I found it acceptable and bound myself to the vow. When meeting with him in the weeks preparatory to our being wed, I discovered him to be quite amiable. I thought of him as a good person. One day, he told me he was scheduled to leave for an errand. I found it odd that he had no destination as he had given me one previous in each occasion. Upon inquiring, he brushed me aside and said not to worry. I went about my day at his family’s estate. His mother and I were talking about yesteryear’s hummingbird races. And whilst we spoke, we heard a loud noise upstairs. We both investigated.” Illedrena’s eyes welled up. “The window open and a few furnishings toppled. I saw him there, bending down with an unbound lover in his arms, kissing her. His mother had screamed at the sight. But, my silence brooded within me. I saw him look at his mother, shocked, then at me in horror. I only remember the anger I felt. The connection that we had started to forge—.”

Illedrena stopped, wiped at her eyes and sniffled a bit before the Queen nodded attentively, “As a daughter of the Avalor family, we are blessed with much magical ability. In my anger, I attacked him with a spell. I managed to reign myself in, realizing what I had just descended to.” She bowed again as she finished her statement.

The Queen sighed. It was a long and drawn out one. Tired, and filled with the wisdom of one who seemed to understand more than their age showed. She spoke low and cautiously. “The Elmeri family was… Petrified by your reaction to the circumstance Illedrena. Most especially to the mother, Latora.” She shook her head and rubbed her temples. “You understand that I need to punish you as well for this? More severely than Fedwain. Assault is an awful thing.” 
Illedrena nodded her acknowledgement with tears.

The Queen thought for a few moments more. Her gaze wandering across the room before her eyes locked onto Illedrena again. “You do indeed have much ability and talents for one so young, barely maturing. You and your family have already experienced a great loss. The sacrifice of your brother is still felt across all Ellylon today. However, your deed is one that needs quite a bit of penance.”

The Queen stood and snapped her fingers, the room’s small muttering shattered and becoming silent. “Bring me Veilseeker.” A servant moves away and leaves through a side door.

“Now,” her voice collected, stern, but loving, “Daughter, you made a mistake. As all mortals are apt to do from time to time. I hold in my heart some empathy toward this. So, I am giving you an opportunity. An occasion that some would find mildly undeserved. Please remember this as such.” There was another sigh, “You also will be given the marks of those sent away,” Illedrena’s eyes widened at this, to which the Queen quickly inserted, “But, your sentence is not eternal. It’s a time appointed for you to learn who you are. To discover what it means to hold the power you wield. I see an Ellyl that has so much potential to be a leader and a force for much good in the world. But, you aren’t going to learn this among others like you. I sense your trepidation, and your confusion, but understand that my reasons are greater than you can imagine as of right now.”

The side door opened again and the servant returned with an object covered by a simple cloth. The Queen walked over and pulled away the cloth, a bright jade blade gleamed in the sparkling colors from above and lay beside an articulate sheath.

“This is Veilseeker,” the queen lifted it from the hands of the servant, “An enchanted blade that hides one from seeking eyes. I believe this will be of use to you in the future.” She placed it in Illedrena’s hands then grasped her shoulders.

“Take this counsel, carry no money or precious things with you, and if nothing happens within ten years… make your return. The marks I place on you will only last for this long. But, any other time or activities spent beyond the norm will only add in your favor.”

Illedrena spoke up to this, “Your majesty, if I may?” The Queen nodded again, curious. Illedrena choked a few words, before finally speaking, “How will I know that I am learning what it is you want me to know?”

The Queen smiled, “Your actions and effects on the world around you have a larger effect than you realize. Surely you know this from your studies of magic?” She put a glowing hand on Illedrena’s cheek, “So to, does a leader find ways to have this larger effect. And when you learn these things, the mark you bear will recede and eventually disappear.” A warm feeling filled Illedrena and she closed her eyes. The magic flowing from the Queen tingled as she spoke, “Illedrena Avalor, you are hereby stripped of title, branded for exile, and to remain penniless for a period of ten years. Take up this boon I have granted and learn from your ancestor spirits, guided by Veilseeker.”

Illedrena opened her eyes to see a bright flash of light appear from Queen Ambrosia. She didn’t feel any pain or was shocked in any way. She didn’t smell her flesh burning or anything she thought she’d have to experience that Fedwain did.

The Queen nodded with a stern, empathetic look, before stepping away and speaking once more, “Go, Damosel Avalor. Learn of who you really are.”

Illedrena felt her will shudder slightly, but she bowed and left the room unaccompanied.

Part 6 - The Prisoner

It was quite unfortunate; the prisoner was still asleep, in chains, on the chair, in my room. The general consensus felt like it'd be a mental search for the information, nothing to really keep me awake at this late hour. I was very tired and attempted to sleep in my leaf-hammock, which I hung between the two bedposts, while Dratharz conducted his silent investigation.

It was quiet for a long time, the only sounds being a sniffle, yawn or a few whispers of questions and I eventually fell asleep. My mind drifting off toward a dre— SLAP! the whipping sound of a cheek rippled across my room and I leapt out of my hammock. My eyes wide and bloodshot. I dove under the human bed and hid from sight, attempting to see what was happening.

It looked like the mental probing was over and the physical questioning was about to begin. Our prisoner was stirring from his induced slumber. I snuck out of the room with a small whisper to the Professor, "Don't hurt him." I didn't want to have some horrid experience be on my conscience concerning torture. I understood we needed answers to questions, that Professor Fraus needed answers, but torture was not worth that. Not to me anyway, I questioned the others' moral sympathies. I didn't remember what they were previous and why I would join what might possibly become miscreants or degrading individuals. However, the thought was inconsistent with the treatment I had received even when my actions themselves were erroneous. I shook it off and found the pillow downstairs that I had originally been provided. My mind having a difficult time slowing down. But, eventually, the night wore on and sleep did come.

That morning, I woke to everyone having baggy-eyed zombie walks, except interestingly enough the Professor. I was well-rested though, and had already had my morning duel. I checked in on our prisoner, just to… find out what happened. He didn't look injured or beaten thankfully. I was glad. It scared me, those thoughts, those dreams. The only way to stave off the darkness…

"Alright, now we're going to put him back," said P. Fraus. He stood in the doorway as I was looking over the prisoner. He had some cheese and a bit of bread that he began wrapping in some cloth.

"Thank you," I said.

"It wasn't my intention of harming him, not unless he posed a greater danger to us anyways. But, we did find out that he is part of the group that was looking for me. He said, 'We wanted to kidnap him to have a nice chat.'" He paused momentarily as he thought about the words, "I doubt the chat would've been of any nicety if they could capture me." 

"What else did you find out?"

Dratharz came into the room, his voice filling my mind, "A few other things, but most importantly, the fact that they found the Professor's home. They know we're here. I cleared his mind of the details of the capture and subsequent questioning, but we're going to send him off with the last words we gave him."

The Professor nodded, "He'd better stop looking for the Professor."

Dratharz gave me a few other tidbits that were discovered. The man had said he worked inside the citadel, which didn't bear good tidings. If a secret organization was operating here in Heartfell trying to find the Professor, it wasn't safe. I decided I should try to verify some parts of his story.

"I can trace him, see if he really does operate inside the citadel."

Airelinna turned the prisoner visible, turned him over and set him down onto the cobblestones where the Professor had stabbed him. The bag of food was placed on his chest as I started back earlier than the rest.

I could feel him move. My mind reminiscing to the feeling I had during training where my spell pointed a cold needle in my head. It swung around and around with my head. Always giving the direction of my target. I decided to meditate and sense where he was. Fighting the impulse to do something actionable as I needed to focus on the spell.

Our "friend" was probably indeed correct about him being a part of the citadel. He spent his time mostly in one location, moving away for a short time and then returning. I couldn't perceive what he was doing, but if he made any report about his experience, he wasn't dead. It could be a while before that happened. I reported my findings to the Professor close to midnight. He was studiously examining some papers and a brew he had going through his alchemical equipment.

I hid from the Professor again, our daily game becoming a vicious competition at this point. I hid amongst the various clockwork toys and trinkets. I was quite sure that I had succeeded in passing his gaze, when at the last moment, his eye flashed and he stared directly at me.

I couldn't believe it.

We made our departure from Heartfell, most business and research having been completed. Airelinna told me we were heading towards Riverfell again, but eventually our course was corrected and we made our way Northward, towards the Professor's keep.

I thought we were going to take down a ferocious hydra in the desert, but perhaps throwing any followers off our trail would be just as well. . .

Mind Games

The man we abducted had strange dreams. I saw men of shadow and darkness, a fiend that tormented him while he slept. When we woke him up, he gave me quite the resistance when i tried to go deeper in his mind. We learned that his leaders name is Fenro, an elven man, who we will need to investigate further at a later date. We also learned that the "groceries" are magical weapons created by the blacksmith, I'm not sure which, but I mean, how many blacksmiths could be in this massive city? We also learned that the well is a name for a local tavern, which is where the weapons are being brought to. After the Professor was done questioning him, we debated whether or not is was good to keep him alive. We decided it was worth it to send a message, and let him live. I altered his memory so that he couldn't remember our faces, or where exactly he was as to ensure that the professors identity remain safe. Then we dumped him in the same alley we took him.  After that, I borrowed a cloak from the professor and fed on some good stuff as it sustains me. Then the Professor purchased some metal and other things for a project and we went on our way to Riverfell to throw off the people who might be following us, and then backtracked to the Professors keep. During that week I had fed again, and made another potion of sleep! We also got paid, which was nice since I only had a few silver left. I really should negotiate a better pay, since my skills are quite valuable in keeping the Professor safe. The Professor had finished his project, which is a massive cannon that shoots things very far away. I had made him a practice target range so he could see if his work needed any more fine tuning. When that was finished, we went back to Heartfell to retrieve the items the Professor had made for us. Then we ventured forth to Dragons Peak, to cross the mountain pass and find the hydra and hopefully harvest the correct parts for the memory potion. 

Unforeseen Events in Heartfell

I was able to create my first sleep potion, it was a tricky one, but i was able to do it with the aid of the professor. The satyr, Euphrecene, seemed to be a bit more lively today, and had some adventures with Murph. I'm sure they were up to their usual chaotic selves, especially in this vast city. Our powerstones were finished, and picked them up from the Professors, erm, associate.  My memory alludes me once again, but we were walking through the city, when the Professor, once again, started to act weird, and started following a man. After a while, he entered a bar, and sat down with some others. I stayed by the professor and "read" in, on the Falcon's conversation. They know that the Professor is in the city, and they are also going to be getting some weapons at Drawtheir, and taking it to a safe place they call the "well".  After their conversation, we followed a man out…. the Professor followed a man out, and took him out in an alley, with one of the sleeping drafts he cooked up while I was making mine.  We were heading to the Professors house, with the sleeping man, invisible, floating through the streets, in the middle of the night. I'm feeling quite weary, as my attempts to stave off my hunger have been successful, but now… I don't think I can keep it down much longer. Perhaps I should talk to the Professor about it, and/or get the help from Murph and her connections in the city to help me get what I need. 

Part 5 - Professor's Past

The week went by at a crawl. I felt I was improving at a steady pace. My muscles felt stronger, but the soreness didn't go away in the least. And this week, after breakfast was made, I hid in one of the jars on a shelf. Everyone else didn't seem to notice me. Except for the Professor, his eye seemed to always catch me. It was difficult to discern just how he could see my teeny head in the dark, but I suspect there was more to it. What that could be I had no idea.

In some downtime, I would think about the next steps we would take in discovering our past. Would we continue to do research in books, or would we go and defeat this vicious hydra? I thought about why I would join a group of adventurers. What made me part of them? Why? I thought about home… Too much. I couldn't distract myself too much. I would return soon, I was sure of it.

Towards the end of the week, the Satyr received a gag-sword. I would've thought that it was a bit much to make a flimsy, oddly shaped, and colorful piece for equipment "just for a laugh." I felt grim, thinking of someone laughing as they died. I didn't like it. It was nefarious and sadist, dishonorable as well to make such an object to force people to do so. It made me wonder what the Satyr was truly like. She acted like a goofy woman with the power to prank, but the choice of gags were of questionable nature.

Later on, we were running an errand. The Professor spotted someone he recognized. Someone he said he recognized from his past that wasn't good. I made sure the rest of us hung back and safely followed the Professor. The target brought us to a tavern, and he sat at a table with some of his acquaintances. 

"Illedrena," whispered P. Fraus.

I perked up as we came closer. "Yes, Professor?"

"Could you go and listen in on their conversation, please?"

"Gladly." Excited, I grasp onto Veilseeker and grin as I became one with the shadows. I followed behind someone's leg as they entered the tavern and flitted behind some chair legs, making my way to the table. Once there, I acted nonchalant and unconcerned. The men were talking in code; the words meant little to me, but I derived that these men had a package somewhere that needed to be delivered somewhere safe.

I stayed under the chair, avoiding sight as the men got up and left one after the other. They were acting quite odd. The meeting was clandestine in nature. I hadn't experienced this before, but my father's stories were relatable. After they had each left, I popped out from my hiding place and flew out the door.

I didn't see anyone, but hoping not to panic I picked the direction opposite our approach and flew quick. I caught sight of everyone moving along the roadway, but the Professor wasn't among them. He must've been farther ahead, so I sped up above the houses near the Residential District. I nearly passed him up as I looked down the alleyways between the buildings. He had one of the men in question in his grasp as I flew down.

P. Fraus wiped the blood off his stiletto, "Illedrena, a wall if you please."

Confused, but aware of the circumstance surrounding the situation. I created an image of the wall being seamless between the distance of the alleyway that my companions had just come from.

Murph was aghast. "Professor! What did you just do?! Did you just murder him?"

The response held no emotion, "No, not murder, we are going to question him."

"Not here, I think that'd be best left in safer quarters," I said.

"Exactly," the Professor noted.

Murph must've still been in a daze as she clearly didn't listen to any of the remarks. Airelinna had made the body invisible before she realized what was happening.

Once we made it back to the house, I chained him up with a couple spells and bound the knot to a password of my choice. I planned on further protections, specifically against magic. However, the question we were all wondering. Who was he? And what relation, (besides "bad past") did he have to Professor Grimwald Fraus?

Part 4 - A Memory

As I and my current peers trained tirelessly, I thought often to myself of why we had this feeling to stay together. I didn't understand it completely, but, as for what happened to that poor elf that tried to talk to us, I'm glad we did. I saw nothing in the library, (when I decided to actually peruse the larger tomes), and felt it best to accommodate myself with Veilseeker. It was much more boorish than what I saw the Defenders do back home in Natiira. Taelien was always showing of his swordsmanship. I'll have to find someone to teach me if I hope to fend off this Fey-elf one day.

It occurred to me, what I was doing wasn't surviving anymore. I had, "friends." I was working toward a goal. I was learning things. I was… well, being quite abnormal from most Ellyl I knew; besides my brother of course. Even my training was abnormal; fighting an illusion of myself, or selves. You wouldn't believe the look I got from Murph when she beheld an aerial battle with about twelve "me's" attacking each other. It was priceless! As was the dishwares, I guess that's what Professor Fraus loves to buy other than automaton armies.

Research bought little fruit about the Fey-elf or the Feywild, but they did look for some new methods in attaining an upper hand against a specific creature that could be the possible cure against our forgetfulness. Of course, during most of this time, I was busying myself with my training. But, the Professor did alert me to what it would be that we'd have to succeed over. A magic-immune Hydra within a desolate wasteland.

Oh, is that all?

In any case, we returned to the mages who promised us an attempt to dispel the magic upon us. Murph leapt forward onto the circle prepared. Eager to have her memories returned. I was hopeful, this might be the day we learn what happened to us.

After an hour of ritual, the spell was cast and Murph's eyes rolled a little as a wave of understanding hit her.

"Woah! Guys, we really were together before now. We did things together!" she said with elation, "And there were more of us too, hmm. Oh, and we were all good friends too!" But, her enthusiasm died as soon as whatever permanence of spell cast took hold once more. Our hearts lurched as we realized the spell was too strong to be purged.

I myself sat on the utterly oversized chair and heard them chant for another hour. I felt the magic wash over me, tingling and brushing away at the spell that held my memories locked under it's grip. But, just as the webs were being swept away, new one's formed and I desperately tried to grab the past. They slipped past my grasp like sand in one's hand.

One by one, we all had the same experience. But, even when success was reached, the spell returned and with steel bars did it cage our minds.

I thanked the mages for their help, and congratulated them for the minor success that they helped us to achieved. Their service was not in vain in my eyes. We gained plenty of knowledge about the power that was utilized against us, and the power we would need in defeating it. "Our gratitude is full, thank you!"

Later, as we were about to set off towards our next destination. The Professor took us to his contact, Taevor, who was a broker for magical means and uses. And whilst conversing about the means to make some medallions, P. Fraus suddenly realized how long he had known Taevor. And we knew Taevor? According to him, he was aware that we were part of some adventuring league.

"I can't seem to remember the name of it though. I remember there were more of you than there is here. You ordered some medallions about six months ago. You said they were for your companions."

The Professor was mildly surprised, "How long ago did I say I made this group?"

Taevor thought for a moment, "About a year now, I'd say."

I fell from the air to my knees next to Murph, my eyes welling up in tears at the realization. The dots started to connect in my mind. More questions were created, few, but important answers revealed. "A whole year? A whole year gone? My family…"

Murph looked at me with concern and quietly asked, "A year is a long time. Did you have any siblings?"

I wiped at my eyes, "Yes, a brother and three sisters. My brother was the oldest."

"Was?" said Murph.

I nodded, with a sniffle, "He's dead." I turned my head away, catching a gasp in my throat, "I missed the anniversary. A whole year gone from my mem'ry and cursed to live my life with that regret to bear."

Murph said nothing afterwards, but her face looked honestly concerned for me as we left; after finding that Taevor knew little more of who we were. But, this encounter gave us clues to what we could do to seek out more answers more quickly.

We could find our memories in the lives of others. . .


I stood from my desk casting aside the latest report, annoyance once again fueling my strides as I stalked across the room to Illum. Still there was no conclusive evidence of Fraus' band, of either their location or that they were still in fact alive. Although the Professors business was still very much so alive and well, but he had made provisions for it to continue past his demise of that there could be no doubt so even that evidence wasn't very strong. Every day my agents search the realms, from the material plane to the fire and earth, from the Hell's to the Abyss. Although admittedly my agent in most of those planes are few indeed, you would think by now I would have made contact with at least one of them. Sightings were not uncommon of course, just yesterday morning Fraus was seen in both Garnok and Valtier, Hondor over in Galefell, Jaron in Melthon, Airelinniel in Natiira and Riss-N'hal-Kahves journeying in the mountains with his brother. Then several days ago Fraus, Airelinniel, Illedrena, Murph, and Dratharz were seen together loading up and heading north. Yet in every single instance they have vanished before my agents could arrive.

Upon reaching Illum I placed my hands on either side of the large crystal and focused individually on each of the remaining 13. Normally Illum could find anyone anywhere but as usual it was having difficulty with these. Before long I simply allowed my consciousness to sweep across the planes looking for them, one day whatever magic that is keeping them from my gaze will break, or falter, long enough for me to find them…

Dratharz's Log: The Wild City

After we set up an appointment to enable us to have another attempt at removing this curse from us, all the things happened. We were going to the fetch the power stone that they requested we retrieve from the Professor of Fire Magics,  when Professor Fraus disappeared in an alley and told us to follow. Shortly after, an elven man came shouting for the Professor, the elven girl, and to my surprise  he was calling my name as well. None of us recognized him, and we didn't have much time to talk before a poisned bolt made of black metal pierced through his chest. Despite our endeavors we were not able to save him. When the Professor extracted the bolt from his chest to examine it further, it simply vanished before we could get a read on it. To make the matter even more strange, even after we removed the poison from his body, it still had a magical effect to it as his body simply turned to ash as we went to a clerical institute in attempts to have a more potent resurrection spell in hopes to learn what he wanted to tell us. The Professor and his quick wits determined that the killer was still somewhere in the city, and asked for the nearest seer, to see if we could find whoever did this. 

It seemed that whoever did this wanted just that elf to be silenced before he reached us. As we were fine traveling through the city with no harm done to us. When we got to the seer, and the currencies exchanged, he performed a ritual that began searching throughout the city to find the killer. Luck was on our side, as the image in the crystal ball clarified to an elvish looking man, with green eyes. That was all we saw before the ball shattered, the seer began bleeding from his nose, as he was seeing where he was going. Through his magic, he was able to determine that he entered the Fey Wild, a plane I've heard little about, and that was all the seer could tell us. 

We decided that we would find him later, and focus on getting this curse eradicated from all of our minds. So we decided to go and find Professor Zilken. His assistant at the college told us that he hasn't been in today, and gave us his address. When we went to his abode, we knocked, and the door simply opened with a foul smell emanating from it.  We called the guard, and had them investigate, we told them our business, and they allowed us to have a look around. Professor Zilken was stabbed several times, and had his throat slit. Our Professor had a potion that revitalized him for a moment, and he told us that the Guild of Iladrin, had killed him. The more important matter, was finding the powerstone. We should have asked him where it was, but with some looking around, I was able to find it with ease. There must have been some sort of illusory wall in front of it, because the Professor pulled out this needle, and poked just before the stone.  It was difficult to resist the temptation of keeping it as it was the most powerful stone I've ever come in contact with. But we needed to get this wretched curse off of us to know who, why, even when it was put on us. We returned to the counsel and gave them the powerstone, and now we wait while they set up for the rituals that they are going to perform on us. 


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