1'1" Leprechaun, gorgeous hat, red frizzy hair


Backstory: Murph never knew her parents. When she was a baby the Wizard Zelpre the Zealot found her in the woods and took her to the nearest Leprechaun village. She was raised by multiple families and never heard or knew who her parents were. Growing up she could tell that some things were different about her. Most of her kind wanted to stay where they were, but she wanted to explore the world, especially weird for a girl to think or want that. Murph was never afraid of humans or other creatures but found them so interesting and very unlike the stories she was told. Secretly she would go off to other villages and towns sit where they could not see her and just watch them. They seemed a lot like her people, well except for being giants. That is how she met the human Lanexiber when she was 12.

One night some drunken humans saw her and were trying to catch her so she would give them 3 wishes (why do they always think that will actually happen?). Right when they captured her, Lanexiber saw what was occurring and demanded that they let me go. When they refused to do so, the old stranger pulled out his staff and put the men to sleep. Ever since that day, this old human mage who protected her, she has looked up to Lanee. Murph would go to see him every day and he would show her around the town and teach her how to do more magic than what she was born with. 10 years later at her coming of age ceremony she invited him to come. Her people were so angry with her for inviting a human to sit in on the ceremony. They refused to continue when they saw him and some started to try to scare him away with the most awful pranks, still he stayed. The clan gave me a choice, either join in on the pranks, never speak to a human again or I will be banished from the village and all surrounding clans until I come to my senses. Needless to say, I never came to my senses. I stayed with Lanee after that till he died 10 years later. He was able to turn into an Giant Eagle and on my hat I wear the feathers in remembrance of my departed friend.

Now with no home, money and nowhere to belong to 32 years old Murph wondered around trying to find a place she dreams about where all types of people can come together and live in harmony. Life is not that ideal though and being a single female leprechaun is hard. With her magic she has traveled around living off the leather she sells. Of course that’s never enough, so she learned how to steal to get what she wants, and become pretty good at it by now. No longer believing settling down is an option, she travels to find wealth, an information on her parents and just maybe a place to call home once more.

Goals: Money, to belong somewhere, find out who her parents are by finding the wizard Zelpre the Zealot.

Professional Job: Leather/Shoe maker-Is stealing a real job?

Random Stuff:
She doesn’t like to make decisions, but rather leave it up to others.
Will work alone, but prefers to leech off of others
She is VERY careful how she words things in deals or etc…
Fiercely loyal to those she trust/join
She isn’t a compulsive thief, she does what she needs to survive
The hat that she cares so much for is her fathers the only things she has from him.
Doesn’t like to fight, resorts to tricks to scare them away or more if she has to
Sassy and loves to joke
Loves to hum, sing and dance but not that good at it
She doesn’t see her heights as a disadvantage
She may possibly kill you if you pick her up


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