Is It Tuesday Yet?

Unforeseen Events in Heartfell

I was able to create my first sleep potion, it was a tricky one, but i was able to do it with the aid of the professor. The satyr, Euphrecene, seemed to be a bit more lively today, and had some adventures with Murph. I'm sure they were up to their usual chaotic selves, especially in this vast city. Our powerstones were finished, and picked them up from the Professors, erm, associate.  My memory alludes me once again, but we were walking through the city, when the Professor, once again, started to act weird, and started following a man. After a while, he entered a bar, and sat down with some others. I stayed by the professor and "read" in, on the Falcon's conversation. They know that the Professor is in the city, and they are also going to be getting some weapons at Drawtheir, and taking it to a safe place they call the "well".  After their conversation, we followed a man out…. the Professor followed a man out, and took him out in an alley, with one of the sleeping drafts he cooked up while I was making mine.  We were heading to the Professors house, with the sleeping man, invisible, floating through the streets, in the middle of the night. I'm feeling quite weary, as my attempts to stave off my hunger have been successful, but now… I don't think I can keep it down much longer. Perhaps I should talk to the Professor about it, and/or get the help from Murph and her connections in the city to help me get what I need. 


tannerct95 Dratharz

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