Is It Tuesday Yet?

Through the lands of Dragons and Magic

As we passed though the pass of Dragons we headed toward the city of Meldon. Since the Professor hasn't been here before, he decided that I, his most trusted associate, guard his home while they looked for information regarding the Hydrous-Maximus. It was pretty uneventful while they were there, and they didnt say much about it. But we started to head south to the city Methel.  On our way, a storm gathered out of nothingness, as I have never seen anything like this or have had to deal with this before, decided to encase us in earth. That, however seemed to have no effect, as the storm passed though the wall, and through all of the professors magical defenses. After that shocking, quite literally, display of this strange magic storm, we heard some thing wrecking against the house. The Professor and the elf, decided to shoot the devilish creatures, which seemed to go quite well for a short while, until one of them was able to leap though the window. Chaos ensued, and since he was standing in the middle of the Professors magic dampening box, all that was left for me to do was attack his mind. The small ones weren't able to hold long against it, but fought bravely, and were almost clawed them both in two, but not before the larger small one closed the anti-magic box. The professor ran, to get his spear, which was unfortunately in a far room of the house.  Then, the Professor came back with his spear and jabbed it through its heart, killing it instantly.  The Professor ran into another part of the house again, and retrieved a potion and rushed to the small sprite and poured it down her throat. A small time passed, and she stirred back to life.  Then, both the elf and the Professor after strictly telling me to not cast spells, cast their spells all over the place on the two small ones, which sometimes seemed to work better than it should have, and if I recalled correctly, nothing bad happened, so like I would have totally been fine, and would have probably killed all the demons surrounding the house if they let me cast the spells I wanted to, but no they decided that it would be a great idea to open the windows to the impervious house, leaving it prone to an attack, then went against their own words and cast spells… yeah that's fine, that's totally fine.  Anyways, I think I'm done with this entry for now, um, I'm not sure when I will be able to write again, maybe soon, maybe not so soon. We shall see. 


tannerct95 Furox

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