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Part 7 - The Weapon

An Ellyl, lost in the world of giants.

Far be it from me to not see a catastrophe in this desolate landscape the Professor constructed. I looked out beyond the cliff, where the waterfall flowed. My eyes strained from the sun's intensity. The forest lay below, the beautiful sight only four hundred, perhaps five hundred yards away. I longed to be amongst anything green, alive, and growing. The Professor's herb pots were… How should I say?


He thought it a whole garden. However, I shook my head, shaking the mild frustration loose from my mind. I planned on beautifying this place. Indeed, I knew nothing about plant magic, but I lived inside a tree for close to thirty-four of my thirty-six winters. Certainly I could get at least some grass to grow before I went mad from the dull stone gray that threatened to overwhelm me.

I dared not leave the compound for fear of the "monsters" that Airelinna had expounded upon before. The Professor was sure that his defenses would keep most, if not all, nearby creatures at bay. The strange spheres atop their towers whirred on occasion, their oscillating oculus orbit betraying an ominous doom.

I let out a sigh and bent the water around me as I flew down into the depth of the river. The sphere of fluid listening to my occasional whispered thoughts. "Who is Illedrena Avalor?" I would say. "Why is she here?" "What is she meant to do?" All my internalizing accomplished was a sense of hopelessness, loneliness, and fear. My tears added themselves to the river's floor, soon to be washed away with the current when I left.

The week passed much the same, until a large stone "block" or wall, was erected by Dratharz. A huge contraption, walking on legs with a platform carrying an enormous metal hollowed tube. Upon my inquiry, it was relayed as a "Steam Cannon," which would be our weapon to kill the Hydra without needlessly endangering ourselves.

Holes were set into the stone wall beyond, so I determined to at least do something fanciful this week and made illusory targets over these divots. I created red dots, a bit easier to see from such a great distance.


The noise was horrendous! My ears ached, and the dastard contraption had steam billowing from it. The earth had shook tremendously from the explosion of energy. The projectile had hit one of my red dots, which shattered and then fireworks expanded around it to signify the scoring.

The stone was cracked, deep and concaved a great deal. It was near ready to fall apart at the edge, which is where it was struck.

With the test successful, and with most everything else in order. We set off to kill the beast. . .


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