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Mind Games

The man we abducted had strange dreams. I saw men of shadow and darkness, a fiend that tormented him while he slept. When we woke him up, he gave me quite the resistance when i tried to go deeper in his mind. We learned that his leaders name is Fenro, an elven man, who we will need to investigate further at a later date. We also learned that the "groceries" are magical weapons created by the blacksmith, I'm not sure which, but I mean, how many blacksmiths could be in this massive city? We also learned that the well is a name for a local tavern, which is where the weapons are being brought to. After the Professor was done questioning him, we debated whether or not is was good to keep him alive. We decided it was worth it to send a message, and let him live. I altered his memory so that he couldn't remember our faces, or where exactly he was as to ensure that the professors identity remain safe. Then we dumped him in the same alley we took him.  After that, I borrowed a cloak from the professor and fed on some good stuff as it sustains me. Then the Professor purchased some metal and other things for a project and we went on our way to Riverfell to throw off the people who might be following us, and then backtracked to the Professors keep. During that week I had fed again, and made another potion of sleep! We also got paid, which was nice since I only had a few silver left. I really should negotiate a better pay, since my skills are quite valuable in keeping the Professor safe. The Professor had finished his project, which is a massive cannon that shoots things very far away. I had made him a practice target range so he could see if his work needed any more fine tuning. When that was finished, we went back to Heartfell to retrieve the items the Professor had made for us. Then we ventured forth to Dragons Peak, to cross the mountain pass and find the hydra and hopefully harvest the correct parts for the memory potion. 


tannerct95 Dratharz

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